Last night, I participated in my very first Winter Solstice ceremony—well, it was the very first non-Christian ceremony for me period.

It was simple and unassuming. I’m not one for elaborate getups and verbose summonses that make you fall asleep.  There were about 15 of us, standing in a circle. We briefly called upon the elements and Spirit, had a guided meditation, and then were prompted to write on a piece of paper all that we wanted to let go: things we were holding on to that were no longer serving our purpose; things for which we needed to forgive ourselves.  Afterwards, we all went outside and burned the papers in a bowl.  It was a great moment of release, and it’s something that I believe should happen more than once a year.

Stagnancy happens in everyone’s journey. It could be because things are slowly incubating (read: taking their sweet-ass time) as all the pieces begin to come together, and you’re waiting impatiently for the next step. You may have hit a moment where you look up and find that the dreams you had have been shoved under a rug due to your focus on raising your family or helping friends in need. And other times, you may have lost your spark because constant rejection has beaten the living shit out of you, and you’re pretty much just surviving on coffee and Netflix to keep you grounded in your reality.

All of these have happened to me, and they all required some legit quiet time to get me through.

Honestly, even if you’re not going through any of the above, with the Winter Solstice marking the start of our own version of hibernation, and Mercury in retrograde until Jan 8th, now is such a great time to take advantage of this introspective double-whammy. Some questions to ask:

  • What are you reluctant to let go of that could be a hindrance to your dreams?
  • Are there emotional ties to the past (or someone else) keeping you from growth?
  • Are your current dreams in line with your core self?
  • What have you forgotten when it comes to fulfilling your dreams?
  • What can you do to better align yourself with your purpose?

Sling some cards to help answer these questions, or have someone else do the slinging. Meditate. Talk to a friend/family member/therapist. Try some free-writing. Dance, sing, chant it out. Do whatever you need to do to remind yourself of the path you’re on. Rekindle that inner flame, and give your goals a jump start. Forget about everything you think you’ve messed up or missed out on up to this point. Forgive yourself and get back to work.




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