Talk about a Power Couple.

The King and Queen of Wands are probably one of the more Exciting Duos of the Court; passionate, involved, and incredibly creative. They’ve got their hands in a little bit of everything—usually having multiple projects that help them stay balanced (READ: not bored). They can be influential, and make good leaders. It’s mainly because of their charismatic personalities.

Sometimes their actions seem impulsive – an impromptu trip across the country, a new car, gutting a perfectly nice kitchen or living room…and most likely, when you ask about it, they will simply shrug and say,

“Oh, we just needed a change.”

They don’t announce their plans unless they really have to. Otherwise, they’ll just make the decision and get started. What are they waiting for?

When you see these two together, you know their relationship is solid. They’re playful, finish each other’s sentences (and jokes!), show affection and friends likely assume that they have plenty of great sex (Wands Energy, amirite?). The King and Queen of Wands are firm believers in having a relationship built on fulfilling their own happiness as they journey through life together. There is no requirement that they share everything; time away from each other is encouraged to honor their individuality. For this couple, a mate is not viewed as the “better half,” or even considered to be a “completion” of some greater whole (although it may look that way to everyone else, because it’s such a perfect fit). Their personalities and interests complement one another’s lives; it is a true partnership. Think of their relationship as two wolves running alongside each other, no Alpha needed. This dynamic may not work for everyone, but it’s exactly what the King and Queen of Wands thrive on.

They’re also the confidantes; the go-to people within a group of friends who are almost always available when someone needs advice on something: Career, Nutrition, Purchasing a home… It’s not so much that they have all the answers, but they tend to be more confident and frank with their responses.

Sometimes the King of Wands responds in a way that seems insensitive, but it’s only because he knows what has worked for him. He also isn’t the type to really mull over anything for too long. If a situation makes him unhappy, he gets out of it. And that’s what he thinks everyone else should do. Simple as that. Don’t waste time being miserable; change it Now.

The Queen of Wands may be less black and white with her responses, but like the King,  she is also driven to do only what allows her to be true to herself. She is the idealist when it comes to living a creative life. She’ll likely sit you down and ask, “If you aren’t always following your passions and interests, then what are you doing?”

These are just my thoughts on the couple as they’ve come up in my readings for others and myself. By no means is this an exhaustive interpretation. But I have noticed that one of them are often present when it comes to questions of pursuing passions and living with more purpose. It’s a constant reminder to keep the fire lit within you at all times. And isn’t that what we all want?


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