20181008_141958_0001My Shop is Open! After like, 5 months or some shit, Fringe Tarot is back up!

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my inconsistent blogging sometimes worried me. Or the fact that I closed my online shop twice in the last year to tend to other issues might look bad to anyone watching this space.

There’s a rhythm to life; I think we all know this. Life can swell into grand fortissimo moments of beauty (or catastrophe) and fall back into timid, delicate, pianissimo whispers. And we are told that no matter what, we have to “Keep Moving,” “Keep on Truckin,” “Just keep swimming.” And I respect this mentality; maintaining an ever-flowing current of perseverance and consistency. Sometimes the best decision is to work through the mess.


But the art of pausing or resting should be taken just as seriously as perseverance. Usually, if someone mentions the idea of stepping back from a project, others view it as “quitting”, which may not actually be the case. I’ve been guilty of it in the past. I’ve caught myself saying to someone (even myself), “No! Don’t Quit! We need you! The World/Your customers/This town needs you!”

But it’s okay to need Yourself more than others do. That’s self-care.

I started Fringe Tarot with the mindset that it would never be my sole source of income. It would never become larger than my own passion and time would allow. I knew that grand ideas would put too much pressure on me, and I could eventually lose my initial love of this healing art. So it flows with me. No scheduled blogging, or scheduled social media posts. While creating a routine is great for developing better habits, setting extreme expectations based on your peers or the external world never pans out well.

My (lack of) structure does not affect my ability as a Reader. I have always believed in it and still do.  I may still have to work my regular job when I’m having a shitty day or week, but I won’t do it with my tarot business. The sharing of energy is too sacred to “phone it in” on an off day. Or week. Or months.

Much like my life, this business is a heap of trial and error. I’m working on what fits and what doesn’t. I am learning about flexibility and limitations. I am learning when to increase and when to release. When to pause.

I am learning my Rhythm.


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