Normally, the only spreads I like are derived from cheese products, and end up on various crackers. But tarot card spreads serve a pretty good purpose too, I guess.

You can call me Alyce (uh-leese).

On most days, you’ll find me taking a shot of something (preferably tequila*, sometimes Pepto), slinging some cards and letting the universe do the rest.

I am an Empath; highly sensitive to the energy around me. As soon as I started to study tarot (after owning a deck of cards for about a decade), I couldn’t stop. I eventually found myself wanting to share my love of tarot with the world, showing how it can help us day to day. ‘Cuz goodness knows we’re all a little messed up. 🙂

I pride myself on combining my various studies into my work; an inspired blend of modern psychology and eastern/old world wisdom tailored to your readings.

Should you decide to get a reading from me, my hope is for you to walk away with more confidence to face the challenges life has in store for you. Consider me your blacksmith; sharpening your blades and buffing your armor to send you out into the world ready to slay some dragons.

You can follow me on Instagram (@fringetarot) and Facebook to catch glimpses of the weirdo woman behind the cards.
And read Words by Me for incredibly awesome, sorta unplanned, possibly unscheduled tarot insights.

*I don’t drink during client readings; just my own.