Normally, the only spreads I like are derived from cheese products, and end up on various crackers. But tarot card spreads serve a pretty good purpose too, I guess.

You can call me Alyce (uh-leese).

On most days, you’ll find me taking a shot of something (preferably tequila*, sometimes Pepto), slinging some cards and letting the universe do the rest.

I am an Empath; highly sensitive to the energy around me. As a child, I always knew what those closest to me were feeling, but wasn’t always able to separate them from my own. Anybody with similar gifts can likely relate to a time in their lives when their energy sensitivity became overwhelming because they had no idea what was happening to them.

At the age of 19, I lost the closest person to me, and shut down completely. I dropped out of college, and floundered in my parent’s basement for a few years before running away to Chicago to pursue my dream of writing the Great American Novel (still working on that). I spent a great deal of my 20’s in a fog of anxiety and depression. I had a faulty sense of direction (as most kids at that age would, let’s be honest), and sought guidance and validation through my relationships, no matter how toxic they were. Add to this mess the fact that I, a Highly Sensitive Person, uprooted my life to move to a major city, exposing myself to millions of people on a daily basis. I essentially felt like a fucking nutcase.

So I found a therapist. And soon after, dusted off a deck of tarot cards I used to read daily in High School. As soon as I started to study tarot (again), I couldn’t stop. I realized how the combination of my talk therapy sessions along with my personal introspection through tarot was working wonders for me.

As I returned to myself, I knew I had to share my love of tarot with the world, and began to give readings. I had to show how it helped me. How it could help others. ‘Cuz goodness knows we’re all a little messed up. 🙂

I pride myself on combining my various nerdiness studies into my work; an inspired blend of modern applied psychology and eastern/old world/folk wisdom tailored to each client.

Should you decide to work with me, my hope is for you to walk away with more confidence to face the challenges life has in store for you, and to take charge of Your Story.

Your Life.

So consider me your blacksmith; sharpening your blades and buffing your armor to send you out into the world ready to slay some dragons.

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And read Words by Me for incredibly awesome, sorta unplanned, definitely unscheduled tarot insights.

*I don’t drink during client readings; just my own.